A life tale from Cycling half around the World

Thomas dreamed about cycling to a far continent so he can encounter unknown cultures. Therefore he left his hometown Gnoien in northern Germany on April 2015, in which he only would come back after an unforgettable journey: Cycling from Germany to China.

His way crossed eight country’s, sickness, loneliness, difficulties, encounters with animals, heat, but also fine moments with peoples and breathtaking landscapes. Finally, after 146 days and 11.453 kilometers in the saddle he reached the metropolis of Peking safe and sound.

For Thomas this book is not only a document of a lifetime journey, but also an inspiration for all those, who dream about adventures like this too.

  I love my new Book Design

When I firth thought about making this Book to tell my story and inspire others, I had no idea how I should realize what was necessary for that. Writing a book is one thing – I’ve had friends curate me in writing and helping me to get all my notes and videos together into a good story. But the other thing was to promote it the right way.

And then Jacob came around the corner. A friend introduced us on a regional meet up event where I was one of three speaker that evening. I told him about my book and that I really need help with design and website. He was just like “Okay, I’m in. Let’s make you a hell of a brand!” What were problems for me, were just parts of the solution for him. And at a moment’s notice everything was working out easily.

Today we nearly have sold all of the 500 books we let print. My sponsors are happy. And I am happy too.

If you can read German, you may take a look at www.G9toBeijing.de

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